Best In the Desert Vegas to Reno 2021

SealSavers wants to congratulate everyone for competing in the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race! Team SealSavers had a handful drivers in the race amongst a number of different classes and vehicles. To highlight a few- in the UTV Turbo Class, Dustin “Battle Axe” Jones landed himself on the second step of the podium, Matt Burroughs brought home 7th, our good friends at Dusty Crew Apparel, Colt and Rachel Brinkerhoff crossed the finish line in 11th. Ray Griffith drove his 6100 truck to a 5th place class finish. Unfortunately PJ Jones and Justin Lambert had car troubles and were unable to finish.

The Vegas to Reno race course is extremely rough and bumpy with rocks, silt, and sand throughout. Our ProSeries Coil Savers are great for a race like this. Protect your shock shafts from damage from any element with our Coil Savers by wrapping them around your shocks, covering the shock springs and shock shaft. They fit snug so they wont slide up or down as the suspension compresses and rebounds. Coil Savers are easy to install and could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Our Pro Series CV Savers can also be a handy item to have in the car. Use the CV Savers as a double layer of protection over the cv boot, or you can just keep a set in the car. If you rip a boot, you can quickly throw the CV Saver on and bandaid to boot to get you to the next pit without ruining the joint and getting grease all over the place.  We’d suggest running the CV Savers over the cv boot full time to protect that hard rubber boot. The ‘FlexPower’ material we use will handle the elements much better than the rubber boot.


SealSavers would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Darren Dryer and his family.