SealSavers at UTVWC 2021

Just getting back from a fun week out at UTV World Championships in Lake Havasu, AZ. Great seeing some friends, meeting new people, and having a blast in the booth and in the race! The UTV World Championships was a fun weekend with some great racing between some of the best drivers in the world.

Not only was Mason co-driving a race car, we also had a booth at Tech and Contingency and a booth during both days of racing showing off our Coil and CV Savers which were used and needed quite a bit this weekend. It was a great time seeing some friends and checking out all the cars. Many of the racers and spectators were using Coil Savers and CV Savers on their cars. In that Havasu area where it is really rocky, dusty, and rough- Coil Savers will keep your shock seals protected from damage keeping them functioning better, for longer. Rocks cause damage to your shock shaft which will ultimately tear your seals. Coil Savers will help prevent that from happening and get more life out of your shocks. With it being so rocky, cv joint boots easily get punctured and the CV Savers can either by used to protect cv boots full time, or kept in a car until a rip or tear happens. CV Savers are a simple, yet effective way for cv joint protection. Both products are made from the extremely durable ‘FlexPower’ material. CV Savers and Coil Savers are available in 4 sizes to fit on not just off road cars, but can also be used on your daily driver.

Like many people over the weekend, Mason’s race was cut short a little early due to a rough and rocky course causing damage to the wheels that would ultimately take Mason and the Amplex Racing team out of the race.