SealSavers for my boat lift? YES

One of the coolest things about SealSavers if finding new ways to use them. Not only do our 1 3/4 Inch Zip-on SealSavers work great protecting motorcycles, we have used them on our boat lift  for a number of years to keep the seal on our boat lift seal protected from the under water elements. As the lake lost some water over the winter, we decided to check out to see how the SealSavers did over the last year. The stanchion was spotless under the SealSavers and the seal was unharmed.

As you can see (photos below), the shaft has dried dirt and grime, but the area of the shaft that was covered by the SealSavers is spotless. If the entire shaft and seal were to have dried with all that caked on there, it would cause the seal to dry out sooner. The, the next time you use the lift all that dirt and grime will go into the seal or break off of the seal which is what causes damage and ultimately repaired- here’s where the SealSavers come in. The SealSavers will wipe all that grime and dirt off before it can reach the seal. They are snug on the leading edge to pre-wipe anything on the shaft.

Same concept as they do on your motorcycle and mountain bike above water. Who would have thought it’d work underwater? We did