SealSavers Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most common questions we get here at SealSavers, is how to maintain and clean the SealSavers. Cleaning and maintenance is very easy. There is no need to remove the SealSavers to was them. Yes, even the Zip-On SealSavers can stay on. As you are washing your bike, simply flip up the leading edge of the SealSavers about an inch. Wash away any small amounts of dirt or dust that may have accumulated onto the SealSavers. Do not use any type of solvent based cleaners, soap and water work just fine. Most important thing to remember, is to flip the bottom of the SealSavers back down after washing them. Do not let them dry flipped up because the material has memory and they will not be as snug on the forks if you flip them back down after they dry.

If you are adamant about removing the Zip-On SealSavers, before removing them, be sure to hose out the zipper portion of the SealSavers to remove any bits of dirt or dust that could cause the zipper to break or fail as you un zip it. I would not suggest taking them off, but if you have to, make sure to clean out the zipper beforehand.