ATV Coil Savers

We are well known for our ProSeries Coil Savers on side by sides and UTVs, but they are also available for your ATV. Jace Walton put our ATV Coil Savers to the test at the Extreme XC race in Bloomfield, IN. The cross country course was dusty and dirty, but his shocks stayed clean and protected with our ProSeries Coil Savers. The pictures here show before the race and then after. You can see the shaft is spotless. Coil Savers work great for both Sport and Utility quads and will fit a variety of different size machines. Coil Savers feature quick and easy installation without the hassle of removing your shocks from your car. Simply wrap around and velcro together. You want to make sure they are snug on the coil while covering the shaft.

Coil Savers in the ‘1.5-2.0’ size are available for $34.95 for a set of 2. They are only available in black.

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