New Product- Whip Savers!

We at SealSavers always strive to improve our current products, while developing new ones. A brand new product to us is our Whip Savers. Whip Savers keep dirt, dust and sand from damaging the quick connect feature on your whip, making it difficult to use. If you have ever tried to reconnect your whip but were unable to because sand has got in the bearings, or rocks have pitted up the quick connect, we have a solution for you.  Easily install Whip Savers by disconnecting your whip, slide the Whip Savers onto the disconnected end, reconnect the whip and slide the Whip Savers over the quick connect. One of the best features of the Whip Savers is that you can still easily connect and disconnect your whip with the Whip Savers on. Feel free to wash the Whip Savers whenever you wash your vehicle by simply washing away any dirt or dust with your hose or pressure washer. Whip Savers are made from a durable neoprene that will protect the quick connect from damage. They come TWO per package for $22.95 and are available in a variety of colors to match your lighted whip color or custom colors on your wrap.

Click this link and get yourself a set!

Whip Savers