Westcoast Motorsports Summer Shoot Out

Last weekend we had a super fun day spent at Adams Motorsports Park for the SXS Summer Shoot Out hosted by Westcoast Motorsports. Showing up for the event, we were thinking we were just going to be there as a vender, selling Coil Savers and CV Savers to the racers and spectators- which we did. However, right before the first practice, I (Mason), overheard a conversation that they were needing an additional driver. I happily volunteered to drive if someone had a car. Shelby Anderson kindly let me borrow her car and I hurried out to the first practice. Since I wasn’t expecting to drive, I did not go to the drivers meeting to get the breakdown of the event and had no idea what to expect as I went out for the sight lap. It was a split lane course, with two different layouts on each side. It was a 1 lap sprint and a double elimination event with a $5000 purse to the winner of the bracket. I ended up losing the first race to Bella Birchard and was put into the losers bracket. My next two races, I won, but was ultimately eliminated by Shawn Saxton who would finish 2nd behind Myles Cheek in the final round.

At a race like this that transitions from dirt to pavement, it is really important to run Coil Savers. The rocks on the edge of the pavement and dirt are thrown directly at the rear shocks from the front tires, which damage the inner shock shaft, leading to shock failure and replacement. Coil Savers wrap around the outside of the shocks to protect the shock shaft from and divots or pits. Also, the front shocks are susceptible to severe damage when following closely behind the car in front of you as it is sliding on the pavement spitting rocks right at your front end. Even though this course was short, there were many spots on the course where some shocks took some brutal hits and it only takes once to ruin your shocks.

Protect, don’t replace.