New Product- Quick Fill Savers

We are not only always trying to improve our current products, but we are also constantly thinking of new products. We have been developing a new product for a while. The newest product we have added to our collection is our Quick Fill Savers. This quick fill cover will keep your quick fill mechanism covered protected from dirt, sand, and dust. This causes the spring to not function correctly. When sand or dirt bounds up the spring on your quick fill, it will leak and spill. Spills and leaks while you are fueling your car which can be extremely dangerous. You also can sand or rocks not only into your fuel container, but more importantly into your gas tank and engine.

Simply place the Quick Fill Savers over the quick fill mechanism, feed the strap through the loop and pull it tight. Use them while your transport fuel, at your dusty campsite, or in your chase truck and at the pit at the races. The one size fits most, if not all fuel container types and for $24.95. Quick Fill Savers are cheap insurance to make sure you are transporting fueling safely. When they get dirty, just hose off the quick fill cover when you are washing your vehicle. Let them air dry. These are made from the durable ‘FlexPower’ material you know and love from our Coil Savers and CV Savers.