About our Shop

Welcome to the SealSavers shop. You can shop for our products by product type or vehicle type. SealSavers has been known for our unprecedented fork seal protection since 1999, but we are much more than a company that sells neoprene fork covers. SealSavers has a full line of products for your motorcycle. Our Original SealSavers is the original fork sleeve that we are known for and has been the backbone of the company since the inception. Now, we have made installation much easier on our fork protectors with our Zip-On SealSavers where you simply wrap around and zip together. Recently we developed a new product we call Peg Savers that are a peg spring cover to keep your pegs laying flat and functioning correctly. Another staple in our moto line is our Palm Savers which offers blister protection without sacrificing comfort or feel on your grips. We also have products for your 4-Wheel vehicle as well. Our ProSeries Coil Savers are a shock cover that protects your shock shaft. The Coil Savers fit snug over your coil springs and will stay in place, keeping the shock shaft protected. Shock protection is important for the like of your vehicle, and your wallet. Check out our ProSeries CV Savers that are a cv boot protector for a second layer of protection over your CV Boot. These CV Boot covers are quickly installed with a wrap around and are secured with a zip tie. The ProSeries line of Coil Savers and CV Savers are made from a material we call “FlexPower” which is extremely durable material. It is one notch below Kevlar in terms of impenetrability, but there is some stretch in the material, allowing the vehicle parts to move freely and function correctly. Keep an eye out for some new products that we have in the works to keep your vehicle protected. Whatever you ride or drive, Protect Don’t Replace with SealSavers.