Mountain Bike SealSavers

As we all know, SealSavers work great for your dirt bike, but did you know SealSavers will also protect the fork seals on your Mountain bike or E Bike?

E bikes have allowed us to ride further, faster, and for longer which means more rocks, sticks, dirt and debris that hit your stanchion. SealSavers not only keep the dirt from getting into the seal, but they also protect the stanchion.  When a rock hits the stanchion, it creates a small divot that will tear the seal ultimately requiring the forks to be replaced. SealSavers cover and protect the stanchion to prevent that from happening. The Zip-On SealSavers are super easy to install and keep the dirt, dust and mud from damaging your fork seals. There is a small cut out and velcro strap around the bottom of the SealSavers which allows them to be installed securely, even where there is an arch over the tire which keeps the SealSavers in place. They are durable and can be removed for cleaning if needed. Be sure to remove all of the dirt out of the zipper before removing the SealSavers to prevent potential damage to the zipper.

Zip-On SealSavers for Mountain bikes are relatively universally fit and allow for a range of forks to be covered. $29.95 can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and more importantly, keep your bike out of the shop so you can keep riding.

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