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"These just might be the single most cost saving purchase for a dirtbike. I have not had to replace fork seals in over 5 years since having
these installed. This is a no brainer! There really is no excuse not to have them."



"Great product installed on a 1980 rm125 ready for some vintage racing!"
- Elway *****


"If you ride a dirt bike you need these. I ride in West Virginia and southern Ohio before I started using these I would change seals about ever other ride. Have not had to change since."
- Edward L Griffith

"Seal Savers are a great idea. I’ve had them on my dirt bike, and since I just put new seals on MY street bike, it was a no brainer. Great fit, easy install, I’ve been saved."

- Boris Roberts


"Awesome, easy install. Does a great job of keeping all the crap out of the fork seals."

- Sandy Gomez-Leon


"Worth The Protection – Great product! used them on my Gsxr-600 street bike and also on my 250 2-stroke. Worth the money. As I use top quality fork seals and they are $40 a pop. Worth the protection. Super tight fit as you would want, but enough elasticity to slip them on without removing forks. Logo is ugly but not a big deal. Save your seals."

- Tyler Baumgardner


"I have not had to replace seals since using this product. Would recommend this product to everyone riding desert or motocross."

- Mike Burton


Similar in concept: Fork boots were a standard OEM part on most dirt bikes back in the 70′s and early 80′s
The SealSavers concept is quite simple and reflects a ”reincarnation” of the old fork boots that were standard on almost every OEM stock dirt bike in the 70′s and 80′s. Bike manufacturers used rubber fork boots to completely cover a dirt bike’s delicate fork tubes, in order to keep dirt from damaging the fork seals. The SealSavers we tested were simple to install and have proved just as easy to remove and wash. We clean them often and find that they do an excellent job of stopping the dirt from reaching the fork seal area. The SealSavers neoprene material forms a tight bond along the fork tube. Named the ”Zip On”, this new product is an absolute no brainer of an investment for any dirt bike enthusiast. If you ride in dust, mud or sand, SealSavers are absolutely essential to preventing fork seal damage. They cost around $27 a pair, a fraction of the cost of replacing your dirt bike’s seals. Without these…be prepared to replace your seals several times during the life of your bike! Cheers, Chronic MX.
Savers on bike

SealSavers new ”Zip On” not only looks trick, but is inexpensive, easy to install and a very effective solution

We were now in search of a way to prevent the dirt from reaching the seal….instead of just finding a way of cleaning the dirt out once it got there. Cleaning out the dirt and hoping no damage had occurred fell short of our goal. We had noticed a product called SealSavers for many years, but had never actually tried the invention. Right around the same time that we decided to finally give SealSavers a try, the company upgraded it’s SealSavers to include a convenient zipper option… allowing for quick installation without the need to remove the forks. We ordered a few pairs for our team bikes, and are very satisfied with the results. Finally, we have found a product that is a proactive solution in the quest to end damaged fork seals. We have easily recouped our small investment, and have yet to discover any leaking fork seals in over 6 months of riding and racing in the gnarliest conditions. Prior to using SealSavers, we would have already replaced at least one or two pairs of fork seals. Several other product reviews from notable motocross publications have yielded the same positive results. One test compared an unprotected set of forks to a set using SealSavers. The protected forks were still fine after a full year… where as the unprotected pair of forks were on a second set of seals.

Fork Seal

An all too common discovery for most dirt bike enthusiasts; leaky fork seals

Fed up with constantly throwing away our hard earned cash on leaking fork seals, we set out to find a solution. A year ago we reviewed an innovative product by Risk Racing called The Seal Doctor, and though we gave it high marks, it was still only a temporary solution, fixing a fork leak only if the seal had not yet been compromised by the trapped dirt. It proved to be a good way to be ”reactive” to a leaky fork seal… by scooping out sand or debris that is stuck under the seal’s lip. Ironically, for years, riders have been using goggle ”tear offs” in the same way to clean underneath a dirty fork seal. The problem with this strategy is that once a fork seal is ripped, torn or compromised by dirt, removing the debris is ineffective as an ultimate solution for repair. In the long run, cleaning the leaking seal only worked for us about 50% of the time as a guaranteed fix. Therefore, we set out again to find a more ”proactive” solution.

Zip Savers

Hello Marty,
The sealsavers have arrived and have been installed on one of my three offroad bikes. The other bikes will get theirs done this coming week. Just
wanted to leave you folks with a thank you. Your product truly works and saves me a lot of money in fork repairs. I was averaging two minimum, new
seals a year per off road bike. Since I have incorporated your sealsavers I am on three years with no seal problems. I may even install them on my
street bikes. Great product that really works, thanks again.

Michael Belote

Savers on bike

Chronic MX’s Independent Review

In the last decade motocross riders have spent thousands of dollars replacing leaky fork seals. Unfortunately, modern ”inverted” dirt bike forks are fairly unprotected, and prove to easily trap dust, sand and mud under their seals. Once trapped, it doesn’t take long for the dirt to puncture the seal and force replacement. Aside from using the highest quality OEM or aftermarket fork seals, while keeping your fork tubes as clean as possible, SealSaver’s are the single best way to prevent leaky fork seals.


The parts fitted up exactly as expected, with no issues. They have survived several rides now, no leaks no worries. I do like the seal savers though, they are great, you can tell they are working by the reduced muck and dust around the dust seals.
Regards Mike

Seal savers are great, for around $30.00 and 10 minutes to put on these are the easiest way to keep forkseals clean and safe from all the mud, sand and other crap we ride through. I put them on my last bike after revalving the forks and they lasted for about a year and they still worked fine.just put new savers on my new bike because they work.

Motoxparts was good to deal with and very helpful
The rebuild kit was awesome bike goes mint as. motoxparts was good to deal with and very helpful and the seal savers work real well. Thanks heaps karl haddock

Whoever rides an MX or an Enduro bike knows it: the sooner or later your fork seals will start to leak. Especially when you ride in a lot of fine dust or muddy tracks. Your fork seals suffer from it. I got 3 bikes, my MX, my Enduro and the 85cc KTM of my daughter, so I got sick of replacing the seals all the time. I can do this myself. However, if you can’t, you will also be confronted with huge bills.

Now there is a solution for all this misery: by some SealSavers

I have installed them 1 year ago and have ridden many tracks now. Still no leaking seals. This for only 24,50 euro’s per bike and only 45 minutes of work!
Installation is easy: remove your front wheel and fork tubes. Clean them. Mount the SealSavers and put your tubes ans wheel back. done..

Everything is described on their website:

Seal Savers on both bikes and never had a bad seal yet. Use OEM seals…made for the X not the R. Some dealers will carry just the R seals as they will fit both.

The X seals have an extra lip. DO NOT USE MOOSE SEALS…they are made from old Moose…
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I use the Seal Saver brand and love them. Not a single seal failure in 3 years. Prior to installing them I burnt through two sets of seals in a couple months. Now I replace the Seal Savers once per year when I have my suspension serviced.

My friend has used the velcro type with success but IMO taking the forks off to install the non-velcro type is easy and eliminates any problems with velcro coming loose.

All i can say is i hated the velcro type.
The seal saver brand (remove fork and slip on) have performed the best for me. I do not have them on currently but have ran them in the past with good success.

Yeah there great, only the don’t use the ones that are not the split velcro ones, dirt gets trapped and that is what you are trying to prevent clean under them once and awhile and you should be good for many km’s

I use the Seal Savers. I have never had a bad seal, even with all of the mud riding we do up here in Oregon. We can also get quite dusty as well, still, never a problem.

Fork SealSavers offer added protection against dirt, mud and sand, which prolong the life of fork seals and wipers. This is a good thing considering the cost of quality fork seals and wipers, and maybe labor. For the added protection, ease of installation, and available size and color choices, we rated the Fork SealSavers at a near perfect score of 4½ out of 5.

The SealSavers ThumbSaver is a very low-cost product that goes on hand grips to prevent a rider from getting blisters. The only thing easier to install than a ThumbSaver is maybe a decal. We could not find fault with the ThumbSaver, and at less than $5 a pair, there is no reason not to have a pair on your ride. We rated the SealSavers ThumbSaver at a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Rocky Mountain ATV

They work
William in MT

We ride in supper sticky clay mud that when it drys on fork legs goes right through seals and starts leaks. With seal savers our seal life has increase multiple times. The down side is you have to pull the fork legs to install but well worth the effort. You do need to roll them back and wash them out because they wipe off and hold mud and other crud.

great product
christopher in OK

wears a little bit on fork guards, but for the price and purpose its a must.

A must!

Whenever I get a new bike, the first thing that I do is buy new Seal Savers for it. I have not had any issues with fork seals since I started using them. 7+ years ago.