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Why did I get a small tear in my SealSavers near the zip tie after only a few rides?

99% of the time, this is because the circlip was not removed. When the circlip is not removed, the SealSavers protrude over it and cause the fork guard to rub on the SealSavers which creates small tears. The circlip is only used as a contact point for the fork guard to rub on to keep the fork guard off your fork tube, which the zip tie will now serve that purpose. When you remove the circlip, and put the SealSavers on, press the fork guard to touch the SealSavers and place the zip tie at that contact point so the fork guard will rub on the zip tie and not on the SealSavers. Essentially, the zip ties will replace the circlip and more than likely will be placed right over that “groove” the circlip sits in.

Can I or do I need to remove the SealSavers when I wash my bike?

No, you do not need to remove the SealSavers when you are washing your bike. All you need to do is flip up the leading edge of the SealSavers about an inch and wash away and small amounts of dust that has collected. Do not use any chemicals, soap (if needed) and water will do the trick. Be sure to flip the SealSavers back down before they dry- the material has memory and will not be as snug on the forks if they dry flipped up. This applies to all 3 versions of our SealSavers- Zip-On, Original, and Long.

Will any trapped dirt scratch my fork tubes?

NO, the chrome plating or Hard Anodizing coating is super durable and VERY hard. We have not seen a single scratch in all of our 22 years due to the SealSavers trapping any dirt. However, we do recommend that you clean your SealSavers as often as you would clean your air filter.

However, if you are riding in extremely sloppy muddy conditions, we recommend a good full cleaning under the entire length of the SealSavers after every ride.

Do SealSavers cause any extra stiction on my forks?

No, SealSavers do not cause any stiction or inhibit the forks performance in any way.

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Do Coil Savers retain or create any excess heat?

Coil Savers DO NOT create or retain any heat that will cause damage to the shocks or seals. The Coil Savers are designed to allow for the upper shock body to breathe. We do not completely encapsulate the shock for that reason, we want the shock to be able to breathe and expel heat.

How do I wash and maintain the Coil Savers and CV Savers?

Simply hose them off when you are washing your vehicle. The Coil Savers are very easy to remove only if necessary for washing. We recommend to not remove the CV Savers to wash them only because of install requirements. Do not use any type of solvent based chemicals, a degreasing soap such as Dawn or Simple Green and water are usually enough to clean them up.

Why are my CV Savers sliding down my axle and not staying in place?

The zip ties are not tight enough. You need to take a pair of dykes and ratchet the zip ties down a few extra “clicks” that you wont be able to get by hand.

Do dirt and rocks get trapped in the Coil Savers?

No. Surprisingly very little goes over the top of the Coil Savers and what does, can fall out the bottom of the Coil Savers or the slots built into all of shock spring end caps.