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Welcome to SealSavers


    "These just might be the single most cost saving purchase for a dirtbike. I have not had to replace fork seals in over 5 years since having these installed. This is a no brainer! There really is no excuse not to have them."

    - ANTVS

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    "If you ride a dirt bike you need these. I ride in West Virginia and southern Ohio before I started using these I would change seals about ever other ride. Have not had to change since."

    - Edward L. Griffith

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Welcome to SealSavers

Welcome to SealSavers, the Ultimate Protection for your fork seals, CV covers and coils. 

Our Original SealSavers have been the backbone of the company since the beginning. This neoprene fork seal saver keeps dirt, dust, and mud from getting into your fork seals, causing them to leak and ultimately needing replaced. Protect your fork seals, don’t replace them! Though our Original Style fork seal savers have not changed much over the years, we have developed many different products for many different vehicles.

SealSavers revolutionary Zip-On style SealSavers was a game changer. The Zip-On style fork seal saver eliminates the hassle of removing your forks from your bike to install. The unprecedented protection of the Original SealSavers has not changed with the Zip-On style. The only difference is the ease of installation.

These seal savers are not just for dirt bike fork seals any more. With products for any two wheel or four wheel vehicle, SealSavers has a product for your vehicle that will save you time, money, and frustration. We strive to be at the forefront of technology and product development. We are always working to improve our current products and develop new ones. SealSavers now has products for your side by side, jeep, truck, buggy, and ATV.

Our CV Savers protect your CV joint boot from any type of damage. CV boots can be easily damaged and a pain to replace so add a second layer of protection with our CV Savers. Coil Savers protect your shock shafts from getting pitted. Use these protective coil covers on any coil over shock. We use a material called “FlexPower” which one notch below Kevlar in terms of durability, but has some stretch and flex to it.

Most importantly, SealSavers  takes pride in providing excellent customer service. We fully believe in our products and if you are unhappy for any reason, do not hesitate to reach out.

About Our Products

Original SealSavers

Original SealSavers are designed to protect your fork seals from dirt, dust and mud. These fork seal savers act as a pre-wipe, wiping away anything that could get into your seals. SealSavers Original Style fork seal covers are a neoprene fork sleeve that are gentle on your forks, not scratching or causing any damage. These seal savers do not trap dirt or bring anything up into your fork seals, because the SealSavers are snug on the lower fork tube. If any dust accumulates under the SealSavers, you can simply lift up the leading edge and wash away with water. There is no need to remove the fork seal savers to wash your bike. Protect your fork seals with SealSavers Original style fork savers.

Zip-On SealSavers

There is not much difference between the Original Style and Zip-On Style fork seal savers. The fork seal protection is unmatched and the design is unique with all SealSavers products. SealSavers Zip-On design takes out the hassle of removing your forks to install. Simply wrap these fork sleeves around and zip together in a few seconds. This protective barrier over your fork seals will keep dirt, dust, and mud from causing damage to the fork seals. The gentle neoprene fork cover will not damage your fork tubes and will handle any debris that comes in contact with it. Zip-On SealSavers are the perfect solution to protect your fork seals without having to take your bike apart to install. You don’t have to worry about taking them off when you’re washing your bike either, just simply flip up the leading edge, and wash away any dust that may collect.


CV Savers are a double layer of protection over the Cv Joint boot. The hard rubber CV Boot can be easily damaged, allowing dirt to get into the cv joint seals, and also lets the grease out of that cv joint and all over your vehicle. The expense and hassle of replacing your cv boot can be avoided with SealSavers CV Savers. These CV Boot Savers are inexpensive and can be installed in minutes. Made from a durable “FlexPower” material, CV Savers make a great first line of defense over the cv joint boot. The flexible material will move around with the cv joint and will not cause a loss in the range of motion. You can leave them on full time as a cv joint protector or use them as needed when you notice a hole in the cv boot and you need a cv boot cover.


SealSavers Coil Savers a shock cover that are designed to be a protective cover around your shock shafts preventing pits and scratches on the shaft. If your shock shaft gets pitted, any dirt that accumulates will make its way to the shock seals, causing them to leak and ultimately need replaced. The cost and frustration can be avoided with SealSavers Coil Savers shock protectors. These protective coil covers will fit around any coil over shock and are installed in a matter of minutes with a wrap around Velcro design.  The gentle, yet durable “FlexPower” material used on these coil covers is going to defend against dirt, rocks, sticks and debris that may cause damage to your shock shafts without damaging your coil springs. The snug design of the Coil Savers allows them to stay in place even as the shock is compressing and rebounding.