Zip-On SealSavers for E Bikes/ Mountain Bikes

Zip-On SealSavers for E Bikes/ Mountain Bikes

Zip-On SealSavers are a great way to provide protection for your Mountain Bike and E Bike forks. Zip-On SealSavers will keep your mountain bike fork seals protected from dirt, dust, and mud that could cause damage to the stanchion and seals. Simply wrap them around and zip them up to install. We even have a wrap around Velcro flap that will accommodate bikes with the fork arch to secure the SealSavers in place. They act as a pre-wipe, wiping away anything accumulated onto the forks, preventing it from getting into your for seals as your forks compress. The SealSavers Zip-On has a unique dual-flap zipper protection system that is utilized to protect your forks from the nylon zipper. For $26.95 you can have the best fork seal protection, no matter what size or shape bike you ride. Mountain bike fork seal protection is essential to the life of your bike. If your fork seals begin to leak, you will have to spend hundreds in repairs.

When washing your bike, flip up the SealSavers Zip-Onto wash any small amount of dirt that has gathered. Be sure to flip the SealSavers Zip-On back down before they dry. No need to remove them to wash your bike.

Continuing our E Bike and Mountain Bike product line- we offer a Dropper Saver to protect your dropper seat post from damage and we also have a Shock Saver to protect your rear shock. Dropper seat protection will keep your dropper seat post function smoothly and correctly.

Don’t forget to check out our Palm Savers to help cut down vibration in your hand and help prevent blisters.

Protect what matters most to you. Don’t get stranded on the trail!

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