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Quick Fill Saver

Quick Fill Saver

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Keep your quick fill mechanism safe with Quick Fill Savers. Use these to protect the quick fill from dirt, sand, and dust getting into the spring and preventing it from working correctly. If sand or dirt bounds up the spring on your quick fill, it can lead to leaks and spills as you are fueling your car which can be extremely dangerous. You also run the risk of getting that sand or rocks not only into your fuel container, but also into your gas tank where it could be potentially sucked into your engine.

Simply place the Quick Fill Saver over the quick fill mechanism, feed the strap through the loop and pull it tight. Use them while your transport fuel, at your dusty campsite, in your chase trucks and at the pits at the races. The one size fits most, if not all fuel container types for $24.95. Quick Fill Savers are cheap insurance to make sure you are transporting fuel safely. When they get dirty, just hose them off when you are washing your vehicle and let them air dry. They are made from the durable ‘Flex Power’ material that our Coil Savers and CV Savers are made with. 

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