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Zip-On SealSavers Street

Zip-On SealSavers Street

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Fork Tube Diameter Available Colors
1 1/4 inch (32 – 35mm fork tube)


1 1/2 inch (36 – 43mm fork tube) black
1 3/4 inch (44 – 50mm fork tube) black, blue, red, gold, orange, purple


SealSavers Zip-On’s are a revolutionary design to protect your fork seals which will save you time and money. These fork seal savers feature quick and easy installation without having to remove your forks from the triple clamps. They act as a pre-wipe, which will wipe away any dirt, dust and mud that has accumulated onto the forks. This prevents that debris from getting into your for seals as your forks compress which tear your seals. SealSavers Zip-On have a unique dual-flap zipper protection system that is utilized to protect your forks from the nylon zipper. Zip-On SealSavers look nearly identical to our original SealSavers Zip-On and offer the same great protection but without the hassle.

Zip-On SealSavers Features-

  • The SealSavers Zip-On keep dust, dirt and mud from getting into your fork seals causing them to tear and leak, and ultimately need replaced.
  • Zip-On fork seal covers that are durable and washable in addition to being easy to install.
  • SealSavers do not affect your fork damping but will extend the life of your fork seals.
  • Simply wrap around and zip up the SealSavers Zip-On onto the smaller fork tube, and then slide them up over the larger tube by about two inches. Apply the zip tie to the largest portion of the fork tube so that the fork guard rubs on the zip-tie and most importantly not on the SealSavers
  • When washing your bike, flip up the bottom side of the SealSavers and wash any dirt that may be there. Be sure to flip them down before they dry otherwise they will not be as snug on the leading edge.
  • You can remove to wash and re-install, however be sure to have spare zip-ties and clean out the zipper really well before unzipping.
  • Zip-On SealSavers are sold in pairs and finally are available in 5 colors.
*Note- if there is the circlip around the larger for tube, take a flat head screwdriver and pop that off. Place the zip-tie where that was to allow the fork guard to rub on the zip-tie and not on the SealSavers. The circlip is only used as a contact point for the fork guard to rub on, which will be replaced by the zip-tie.
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